MÜV Cycle, Yoga, Barre, and Strength

MÜV Training is a training studio in the heart of downtown Portland. We offer four core modalities to help change the quality of your life through fitness.

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Four Fitness Modalities combined for
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MÜV Training

MÜV Training is four studios in one, located in the heart of downtown Portland, OR. MÜV Strength, Yoga, Cycle, and Barre, are designed to help you increase mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance. After your initial functional movement screening, our personal trainers will help you every step of the way through a custom fitness plan to achieve your fitness goals.

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Functional Movement Screening

The FMS is a standardized system designed to balance and improve your physical ability. This will help you to:

  • Improve functional fitness & athletic performance
  • Establish a starting point and realistic goals
  • Create a completely personalized fitness plan
  • Identify dangerous weaknesses BEFORE injury occurs
  • Identify and resolve movement problems
  • Build lasting fitness instead of temporary ability
  • Measure and establish a record of progress


You will perform a series of 7 motions.


You will be given a score for your performance of each motion.


A series of exercises will be recommended based on your scores. Your individualized plan will take into account your fitness goals.


Your progress and motion patterns will be monitored and recorded over time. If you develop an imbalance or injury, it will be identified early and targeted for quick resolution.

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InBody Composition Analysis

The InBody Composition Analysis is more accurate than other methods for testing your body fat and muscle percentage. Schedule your complimentary InBody Analysis today at the NEW MÜV Training Studio.

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MYZONE Body Metrics®

MYZONE® is cutting-edge technology that monitors your heart rate, caloric burn and other crucial stats during your workout at MÜV Training.

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